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Monthly Interfaith Meditation - August 9, 2017

Every Second Wednesday of the month, a leader from a different spiritual community will offer a meditation or spiritual practice and explain how it flows from the basic tenets of his/her faith tradition. Each gathering will include time for questions and insights that emerge from our shared time of intentional spiritual practice.

This month's leader is Levi Ben-Shmuel - A Kabbalistic Tai Chi inspired moving meditation called Sulam Chi.

Levi Ben-Shmuel blends his knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan and Kabbalah to create a unique, uplifting spiritual voice. A teacher of Tai Chi and Kabbalah, he is the co-creator of Sulam Chi, a graceful and powerful movement form that integrates the energies of Tai Chi and Kabbalah’s mystical Tree of Life. (Sulam Chi means Ladder of Life Force Energy.) No background in Tai Chi or Kabbalah is required to feel relaxed, energized, and renewed through Sulam Chi.

Levi studied Tai Chi intensively during his years in the Boston area (he was a software developer and earned a master’s degree from MIT). He moved to Israel in 1991. During his ten years there Levi became a dual citizen of Israel and the US, taught Tai Chi, met his Kabbalah teacher, and co-created Sulam Chi. He returned to the US in 2001 and now lives with his wife and son in Mill Valley. You may have seen him perform at our recent Gather Together Sing Together event. He is also a talented singer-songwriter and author of the inspirational self-help book Living Wisely. For more info about Levi and Sulam Chi see his website:

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