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message from our executive director

Welcome to the Marin Interfaith Council! 

We hope that you will join us either online or in person or both. Since its founding in 1982, MIC has sought to live out its mission to celebrate faith, advocate justice and build community. That three-fold mission endures, but how we live that out is constantly evolving, and that is where we need your help, participation and presence. 

Today, amidst climate change, racial reckoning, post-pandemic uncertainty, and political volatility, we find ourselves in a time of unraveling and resilience, breakdown and breakthrough. We seek new ways forward, informed and inspired by the perennial wisdom that our faith traditions, in their pure essence, impart. 

So whether you are a person of faith or no faith, someone who is spiritually fluid or someone who resonates strongly with one spiritual path, we invite you to join us. Together, let's live into what it means to be a person on a spiritual journey in community. It is in community that we find healing, accountability, support and encouragement needed for the evolving path ahead. Together, we as spiritually-oriented individuals and communities can bring our full humanity into public life and change narratives, policies, hearts and minds by our very presence, questions, and witness. This is an ongoing process instead of a destination, and we hope that you will join us for the journey and add your unique perspective, experience, wisdom and love and be mutually nurtured in the process. 

In loving gratitude, 

Rev. Scott Quinn

Executive Director, Marin Interfaith Council

To learn more about MIC's Mission, Vision, and Values, click below!

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